Silicene Transistor-1

Scientists develop the world’s thinnest transistor using silicene, a close kin of graphene

While the entire world is extolling graphene as a wonder material, scientists, working at the University of Texas at Austin, have developed the world's first silicene-based transistor. Identified through computer models, almost a decade before graphene was first isolated, silicene is a one-atom-thick allotrope of silicon. Despite its impressive electrical properties, silicene is widely believed to be…

Lithium Ion Battery_Kevlar_Fire-Resistant

Researchers create ‘bulletproof’ Lithium Ion batteries with Kevlar, and they might be fire-resistant!

A few days ago, we talked about vanadium-borate electrodes that can potentially double the battery life of Li-ion units. Well, this time around, researchers at the University of Michigan have arguably made a more pragmatic breakthrough with their Kevlar nanofibers that can prevent Li-ion batteries from catching fire. In a conventional scenario, such fire-catching incidences…

EPFL scientists_perovskite nanowires

EPFL scientists successfully create perovskite nanowires that might account for better solar efficiency

If you do take interest in the burgeoning field of solar-based technological applications, chances are that you are not unfamiliar with perovskite - the touted 'wonder material' with effective light-absorbing properties. But this time around, scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, have seriously notched it up a level by developing…


UCSD’s newly designed composite nanomaterial can capture solar energy with 90 percent efficiency

Previously we had talked about a nanoparticle composite made from gold, that could potentially help in detecting breast cancer. Well, this time around, a group of San Diego-based scientists from University of California (UCSD), have successfully concocted a special composite nanomaterial that has the wondrous ability to convert almost a whopping 90 percent of sunlight…

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