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Kame House by Kochi Architect's Studio-1

Japan’s incredibly modern ‘Kame House’ features a large centrally-located hexagonal cavity

Japan is home to some pretty unusual, yet equally mind-boggling, architectural marvels. Remember Science Hills Komatsu, a spectacular Hobbit-style museum in the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa? Or the super-slim Horinouchi house by Mizuishi Architect Atelier? Drawing on the themes of compact living and open floor plan, the ‘Kame House’ features a centrally-situated hexagonal void that…

Brick House_iSTUDIO Architecture_12

The Brick House by iSTUDIO Architecture mirrors the topography of the surrounding landscape

India-based iSTUDIO Architecture firm has been credited with the construction of a stunning residence just outside Mumbai. The organic design, of the aptly-named Brick House, is juxtaposed with its incredible modernist features. Located amidst the rural settlements in Wada, the gently sloping and curving brick structure beautifully mimics the topography of the surrounding hills and…

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