near-infrared light

VeinViewer Vision2-1

VeinVeiwer Vision2 uses near-infrared light to generate real-time imagery of patient’s veins

Needle phobia, also known as trypanophobia, is a common form of anxiety disorder, afflicting nearly 10-percent of the U.S. adult population. Extreme fear of hypodermic syringes, or injections used in various medical procedures, often leads to fewer vaccinations and blood donations among sufferers. Memphis-based Christie Medical Holdings has come up with an innovative technology, called…

Gold Nanotubes To Kill Cancer Cells-1

British scientists use gold nanotubes to image and eliminate cancer cells in mice

For quite some time now, gold nanoparticles have been deemed, by researchers across the world, as a major diagnostic tool, capable of carrying out high-resolution medical imaging. In a research, conducted a few months back, a scientist-duo at the University of Nebraska developed an advanced electronic skin, using composite layers of polymers and gold nanopartices, that could successfully detect…

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