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Researchers Discover New Species Of Now-Extinct Marsupial Lion Family-1

Researchers discover new species of the now-extinct marsupial lion family in Australia

Researchers have recently discovered a new member of the now-extinct Thylacoleonidae marsupial lion family. Living during the Pleistocene epoch in Australia, the species is a close relative of and slightly smaller than Thylacoleo carnifex. Weighing only around 600 gm, the carnivorous creature was identified through fossil specimens by a team of paleontologists from the University of…


Evidence of an entirely new species of pterosaur, the ancient airborne ‘dragon’, found in Southern Brazil

In an "absolutely unprecedented" discovery, paleontologists have recovered as many as 47 skeletal specimens belonging to a hitherto unknown species of pterosaurs, the ancient flying dinosaurs, from the southern part of Brazil. Christened as Caiuajara dobruskii, this entirely new breed of prehistoric airborne reptiles is believed to have inhabited a desert lake of the Cretaceous…

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