Nature House A Stunning Cob Dwelling Nestled Inside A Geodesic Dome-7

Norway’s Nature House is a stunning cob dwelling nestled inside a geodesic dome

Meet Ingrid and Benjamin Hjertefølger, the owners of the incredibly innovative Nature House in Norway. Located in Sandhornøya in the northern part of the country, the sustainably-built cob house lies inside a stunning geodesic dome that in turn shields the occupants from the harsh climate of the Article Circle. Constructed three years back, the eco-friendly…

Norway's Irradiant Mountain Vault Preserves Over 850,000 Seeds-1

Norway’s irradiant mountain vault preserves more than 850,000 seed samples

Situated around 1,300 km (or 810 mi) from the North Pole in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault stores more than 850,000 seed samples, intended for use in case of natural disasters and global catastrophe. Constructed on Spitsbergen, a distant Norwegian island, the incredibly futuristic facility, nicknamed “doomsday seed bank”, is…

10 incredible facts about Vikings you may have missed out on

The horned helmet of the Vikings was rather a Victorian age embellishment, so as to romanticize the 'noble barbarity' (read oxymoron) of these adventurous seafarers from the Scandinavian lands. However, there is more to the Vikings than just the stereotypical myths that were fabricated later - firstly by the Catholic factions of the medieval world…

Summer house_Vestfold

The ‘seamless’ Summer House by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects

Disparate yet modernist, subtle yet expansive - this is the 'Summer House', constructed along the coast of Vestfold in the very southern region of Norway. The handiwork of Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects, the house is designed as a seamless extension of the rocky surrounding. Interestingly, there is more than symbolism to this setting-inspired building, as the…

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