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This Stunning Glass-Bottomed Slide Hangs About 1000 Feet Above LA-3

Skyslide: A stunning glass-bottomed slide that hangs 1,000 feet above Los Angeles

While China is working on the world’s longest and highest glass-encased walkway, Los Angeles has something more terrifying to offer. Say hello to Skyslide, a one-of-a-kind glass-bottomed slide that will get your adrenaline pumping just by looking at it. Perched at a height of over 1,000 feet from the ground, the new attraction is currently…

Study Details The Tallest Skyscrapers Set To Come Up By 2020-6

CTBUH creates infographic, detailing the tallest skyscrapers set to come up by 2020

It is interesting to see how architecture has evolved through the years. Since the first one appeared in the 19th century, skyscrapers have become a ubiquitous symbol of luxury, affluence and entertainment. The Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recently created an incredibly-detailed infographic, tracing the history of high-rise buildings over the last 120…

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