Netherlands Firm Designs Floating Sea Wall That Harvests Wave Power-1

Netherlands-based architect designs giant floating sea wall that harvests wave power

Oceans have an abundance of renewable energy which, due to the lack of proper technologies, sadly goes to waste. Netherlands-based innovator Koen Olthuis, and his firm Waterstudio.NL, have come up with an innovative way of harvesting untapped wave power, in the form of a giant floating breakwater with towering columns similar to that of the…


NASA releases stunning satellite images of algal blooms in the North Sea

During late spring and early summer, every year, the North Sea is flooded with massive algal blooms, which bring about a visible change in the color of the water. This curious phenomenon is caused due to the proliferation of microscopic, plant-like organisms, called phytoplankton. Photosynthetic in nature, the algae’s blue-green tint actually alters the color…

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