Self-Sufficient Ziggurat-Like Tower To Bring Vertical Farming To Paris-1

Self-sufficient ziggurat-shaped tower to bring vertical farming to Paris

In today’s world, where land is almost as valuable as the rarest precious metals, vertical farming serves as a sustainable and easy-to-incorporate answer to urban food production. To take the rapidly-growing movement forward, the designers at Paris-based ABF-lab have come up with the innovative Agro-main-ville (or food-farm-tower) concept. Shaped like a colossal ziggurat, the one-of-a-kind…

Paris To Get Tree-Topped Residential Complex That Looks Like A Ship-3

Paris to get stunning tree-topped glass residential complex that looks like a ship

Ever wondered what living on a ship would be like? If you reside in Paris, your wish might just come true. Tokyo-based Sou Fujimoto Architects and France’s Manal Rachdi OXO Architects have recently won a competition for their stunning ship-shaped residential complex design. To be constructed in the Pershing region of Paris, the spectacular tree-topped…

Artist Envisions Star Wars Characters As Ancient Greek Statues-1

Artist Travis Durden envisions Star Wars characters as ancient Greek statues

Travis Durden’s art is slightly unusual, to say the least. He is known to seamlessly combine his love for iconic Greek sculptures and contemporary pop culture into artworks that are altogether unique and a tad bit outlandish. In his latest collection, for instance, the artist re-imagines some of the greatest Star Wars characters as ancient Greek…

Planning Korea's L’air Nouveau de Paris-1

Planning Korea’s L’air Nouveau de Paris envisions a sustainable Paris with futuristic egg-shaped towers

Taking cue from Vincent Callebaut's mind-boggling "Smart City" design, Planning Korea, a Seoul-based architectural firm, has undertaken the task of transforming Paris into a breathtakingly modern and sustainable city of the future. The plan, known as L’air Nouveau de Paris (meaning "New Paris air"), proposes the installation of gigantic egg-shaped metallic structures, over a total area of 41,882-sq-ft (approx.…

Cantilever Wooden Counter by Atelier JMCA-1

Atelier JMCA designs prism-shaped wooden counter that doubles as a hanging table

When French architectural studio, Atelier JMCA, was given the task of furnishing a small restaurant, in Paris, the firm's design team came up with an incredibly creative solution for its space-related problems. Instead of a bulky table, that takes up most of the available floor space, the innovators, at Atelier JMCA, created an ingenious, prism-shaped bar that doubles…

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