Biodegradable water bottle made from agar is also edible, that is if you like the taste of algae

The havoc that plastic water bottles wreak on the environment has scientists increasingly turning towards more sustainable alternatives. These seemingly innocuous containers, half of which are used only once before being discarded, are known to clog oceans and water bodies, taking over 1,000 years to decompose. To overcome this, Iceland-based designer Ari Jónsson has crafted…

Japanese Scientists Discover Bacteria That Feed On Plastic-2

Scientists discover bacteria that feed on plastic: A breakthrough that could help reverse plastic pollution

Plastic, as we all know, is a menace to the environment. In recent years, the problem of plastic pollution has escalated quite drastically, causing cities, towns and even oceans to be clogged with this harmful substance. Last year, a team of scientists from Stanford University and Beijing-based BeiHang University demonstrated the amazing Styrofoam-digesting abilities of…


Scientists from Cornell University develop the world’s first self-assembling superconductor

Scientists from Cornell University have developed an entirely new superconducting material that is capable of self-assembly. Unlike the magnets present inside an MRI machine, which are usually quite hard and rigid, the new substance is remarkably soft, almost like a plastic bottle. According to the researchers, it can arrange itself into a three-dimensional, gyroidal structure…

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