This stunning plywood sculpture mimics the movements of six dancers!-3

FLOW: A stunning plywood desk that mimics the movements of six dancers!

Don’t we often marvel at the graceful fluidity and flexibility of a dancer? Manchester-born Liam Hopkins has gone a step further in his appreciation of the art form and the artists. Using his skill as a designer, Hopkins has successfully reproduced the infinitely-intricate movements and postures of dancers with the help of 300 pieces of…

Kino Guerin_1

Kino Guerin designs ingeniously-shaped wood furniture, twisted artfully into knots

It is as if furniture Canada-based designer Kino Guerin plays music with wood. His signature style involves artfully twisting inflexible, and somewhat unyielding, segments of wood into beautifully rounded curls, to produce stunning furniture pieces, with incredibly fluid, organic designs. Working alongside his wife Elyse, this multiple-award winning artisan seeks to establish a kind of…

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