The Floating Seabin Waste Collector Catches Plastic Debris From Oceans-8

The fully-automated floating Seabin is designed to catch plastic debris from oceans, 24/7

Oceans cover nearly 71-percent of the Earth’s surface, and are currently the dumping ground of over 8 million tons of plastics. Through the years, researchers have come up with a wide variety of solutions, some expectedly more effective than others. These include strategically-placed floating barriers that sort out plastic waste from water and even ingeniously-designed…

It's Snowing Toxic Flammable Foam In Bangalore, India!-5

It’s snowing toxic, flammable foam in Bangalore, India!

Those who have been to Bangalore, in south India, know that the capital city of Karnataka enjoys a tropical savanna climate. However, it seems that certain parts of the city are receiving snowfall, not of actual snow but a kind of whitish foam floating from a local lake. Years of dumping of hazardous chemicals and…

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