New Polymer Stores Solar Energy During Day And Releases Heat At Night-2

MIT scientists develop polymer that harvests solar energy during day and releases heat at night

With countries slowly increasing their solar power capacity, researchers are actively looking for ways to develop efficient energy storage systems. A team of MIT scientists, for instance, has created an entirely new material that is capable of storing solar energy during daytime, and later releasing it as heat when needed. Unlike similar research, however, the study…


Stanford scientists devise stretchable color-changing e-skin, inspired by the chameleon

Previously, we have talked about color-changing materials inspired by organic forms like squid and cuttlefish. Well, this time around, the scientists are inspired by the 'king of camouflage' - the chameleon. Researchers at the Stanford University have devised a new stretchable electronic skin (e-skin) that can automatically change its color depending on the varying degrees…

Scientists Create Advanced Camouflage Systems Inspired by Squid's Color Changing Skills-2

Squid-inspired camouflage systems could render soldiers invisible to enemies

We are all aware of the amazing color-changing ability of squids. A property that renders these marine creatures invisible to predators and potential prey, the squid's impressive camouflage skill has been the object of interest for some of the brightest scientific minds across the world. Previously, a group of researchers, at Rice University, developed an…

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