Closca Fuga Foldable Helmet-

Closca Fuga, an innovative foldable bicycle helmet, wins 2015 Red Dot Design Award

Few people would argue about the health benefits of bicycling. While the percentage of the population cycling to work is steadily increasing, the inconvenience regarding bulky helmets continues to plague most bikers. Although a must when it comes to road safety, the difficulty in carrying as well as storing a regular bicycle helmet prompts many…


Hungarian artist designs giant polystyrene man, named Feltépve, erupting from the depths of the underworld!

In the past, we have come across some really unusual, albeit equally inventive, artwork, like the somewhat-outlandish three-wheeler dinosaur bike or the colossal underwater sculpture of a Bahamian girl, called Ocean Atlas. But when it comes to the bizarre, the following piece easily takes the cake. Going by the name of Feltépve (meaning "ripped up" or…

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