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Another photo mash-up collection, this time in the realm of pop culture

Last month, we showcased Damien Hypolite's astonishing 'fusion' of 18th century Paris (portrayed in Assassin’s Creed Unity) with real-time Paris in our contemporary era. Well, this time around, the level of impressive details gives way to a level of comical ambit, with history professor Francois Dourlen's series of mash-up photography that dabbles in pop culture.…


Halloween Special: 10 biggest fictional monsters from our pop culture!

The million-dollar question that has been bugging geeks since the dawn of bigwigs like Godzilla and Cthulhu surely pertains to - who exactly is the biggest monster in terms of size, from the vast ambit of our ever-thriving pop culture? Well, we will TRY our best to address that crucial query, with the said monster's…


Finally, the Monster Size Comparison Chart that we have been waiting for!

Ever wondered how the 2014 Godzilla compares in size with its 1998 (forgotten) Hollywood brethren? Or does the ever-elusive Clover monster stands a chance against those boisterous Kaijus from Pacific Rim? Well, the good news is - you don't have to rack your brain over such 'gargantuan' issues. KaijuCast has come to the rescue with…

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