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Slovenian firm designs futuristic, modular dome homes that can be erected on any terrain

Designers at Slovenia-based Smartdome Constructions have unveiled a series of futuristic modular dome homes that can be erected on almost all kinds of terrain. Based on the concept of "bionic construction", these spectacular, prefabricated structures can easily blend into their surrounding landscapes. Thanks to their innovative modular design, the dwellings can be expanded into larger…

These Floating Cabins Overlook The River Kwai In Thailand-1

These spectacular floating cabins overlook the famed River Kwai in Thailand

In recent times, tourism in Thailand has flourished substantially, making it one of the most visited countries in all of Southeast Asia. At present, around 9-percent of the nation’s GDP is directly contributed by the booming tourism industry, while another 10-percent comes indirectly from it. In addition to pristine tropical beaches, breathtaking royal palaces and ornate…

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