prevention of cancer


8 potential uses of graphene – the ‘elusive’ wonder material

For the uninitiated, graphene is actually an allotrope of carbon (just like diamond) - but it comes with two-dimensional, one-atom thick structure which is arranged like a lattice comprising of hexagons. Interestingly, the first intentional isolation of graphene in the lab was successfully achieved only in 2004. However, within a space of just 11 years,…

Graphene oxide stops cancer stem cell regeneration_1

Graphene oxide can potentially prevent the proliferation of cancer stem cells

We had harped about graphene's potentiality in the field of flexible electronics. But this time around, scientists have found another conceivable use of graphene which is arguably more crucial - since it relates intrinsically to human health. The collaborative effort of researchers from University of Manchester and the University of Calabria have initiated a discovery…

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