Alleles Design Studio_prosthetic leg cover_4

Alleles Design Studio creates prosthetic leg covers with the fashionable flair

A few days ago, we talked about designer William Root's conception of stylish 3D printed prosthetic designs with affordable yet advanced tech. Well, this time around, things have taken a rather fashionable turn, with Alleles Design Studio's solution of creating prosthetic leg covers with the groovy factor. Designed to be worn over existing artificial limbs,…

Disabled Tortoise_Lego Wheels

Doctor fixes a set of prosthetic Lego wheels for a disabled tortoise

When it comes to human-aid systems, we have a range of prosthetic solutions from limb replacements to even neuronal proxies. But unfortunately, the animals lose out on many such tech fueled possibilities when they meet with accidents or health predicaments. However, there is always ingenuity to save the day. And fortuitously that is what happened…

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