Watch: Scorpion-3, world’s first manned hoverbike is ready to take flight

Meet the Scorpion-3 (S-3), the badass hoverbike that could be your next mode of transportation. Designed by the team at Hoversurf, the prototype single-seat aircraft was unveiled in a recent video posted on the company’s website. A cross between a conventional motorbike and a giant quadcopter, this innovative piece of machinery can effortlessly lift into…

Rapere Drone is being developed to hunt down other ‘intrusive’ drones

Previously, we had fleetingly mentioned how drones now come dime a dozen, barring a few exceptions. As a matter of fact, the predicament now encompasses a flurry of such airborne contraptions buzzing around uninvited, and sometimes making dangerous sweeps down inhabited areas. So, how to defend against a swarm of mechanized drones, if you don't…

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