Watch: Scorpion-3, world’s first manned hoverbike is ready to take flight

Meet the Scorpion-3 (S-3), the badass hoverbike that could be your next mode of transportation. Designed by the team at Hoversurf, the prototype single-seat aircraft was unveiled in a recent video posted on the company’s website. A cross between a conventional motorbike and a giant quadcopter, this innovative piece of machinery can effortlessly lift into…


Enthusiasts create a mini version of the flying Hellcarrier, and lands a RC plane on it

Remember the four-rotor, eight-motored flying behemoths from The Avengers universe? Also known as Hellcarriers, these fictional flying aircraft carriers have been the staple capital ships of the S.H.I.E.L.D.. And now, FliteTest - a venerable group of hobbyists, have successfully created their RC variety of the flying gargantuan ships, albeit in a much smaller scale. But…

Rapere Drone is being developed to hunt down other ‘intrusive’ drones

Previously, we had fleetingly mentioned how drones now come dime a dozen, barring a few exceptions. As a matter of fact, the predicament now encompasses a flurry of such airborne contraptions buzzing around uninvited, and sometimes making dangerous sweeps down inhabited areas. So, how to defend against a swarm of mechanized drones, if you don't…

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