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The World's Largest Floating Solar Farm Becomes Operational In China-2

China’s Anhui province is home to world’s largest as well as second-largest floating solar farm

In a bid to counteract China’s burgeoning pollution and climate change problems, the country’s government is increasingly trying to replace conventional fossil fuels with cleaner and more environment-friendly energy options. To that end, the world’s largest floating solar farm has recently become operational in the southern part of the Chinese province of Anhui. (more…)

Nuclear Fusion Could Completely Eliminate The Need For Fossil Fuels By 2030-1

Nuclear fusion could completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels by 2030

Nuclear fusion has long been hailed as a near-perfect solution to the burgeoning global energy crisis. Centered around the replication of reactions occurring in the sun, this process involves the fusion of two lightweight atoms like hydrogen at extremely high temperatures, resulting in the release of large amounts of energy as well as the creation…


Footsteps on floorboards could produce a new form of renewable energy

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found an ingenious, and eco-friendly, way to generate usable electricity from floorboards. Wood pulp contains cellulose nanofibers that, when treated with specific chemicals, are capable of producing electrical charge, as a result of contact with unprocessed fibers. The breakthrough, as pointed out by the team, could pave the…


Newly-developed wind turbine could power Japan for 50 years from a single typhoon

Ever since the Fukushima Daiichi disaster back in 2011, Japan is becoming increasingly dependent on other countries to meet its energy requirements. As a solution for the nation's growing green energy problem, engineer Atsushi Shimizu has designed the world's very first wind turbine that harnesses usable power from typhoons. Shaped like an egg beater, this…

South Australia Just Produced 83% Of Electricity From Wind Energy-3

South Australia just produced 83-percent of its electricity from wind energy

Thanks to a particularly windy weekend, South Australia recently saw nearly 83-percent of its total electricity coming solely from eco-friendly wind energy. Although the harsh weather conditions led to power outages in some of the places, its advantages far outweigh the temporary inconvenience. According to officials, wind turbines installed in the area captured much of…

Scientists Generate New Form Of Renewable Energy Via Osmosis-2

New renewable energy source relies on water, salt and osmosis to generate electricity

At a time when renewable energy is slowly but surely overtaking conventional fossil fuels, scientists at EPFL’s Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology have successfully demonstrated the electricity-producing capabilities of yet another sustainable power source: osmosis. Unusual though it is, the natural phenomenon has been found to generate usable power when fresh water comes in contact with…

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