French Government Unveils World's Very First Solar Panel-Fitted Road-2

French government unveils world’s very first solar panel-fitted road

Back in February of this year, we revealed France's plan to install solar panels on 1,000 km of its roads. As part of that initiative, the country's Minister of Environment Marie-Ségolène Royal recently unveiled what they are claiming is the world's very first solar road. Extending over a distance of one kilometer, the pathway in…

South Australia Just Produced 83% Of Electricity From Wind Energy-3

South Australia just produced 83-percent of its electricity from wind energy

Thanks to a particularly windy weekend, South Australia recently saw nearly 83-percent of its total electricity coming solely from eco-friendly wind energy. Although the harsh weather conditions led to power outages in some of the places, its advantages far outweigh the temporary inconvenience. According to officials, wind turbines installed in the area captured much of…

Netherlands Firm Designs Floating Sea Wall That Harvests Wave Power-1

Netherlands-based architect designs giant floating sea wall that harvests wave power

Oceans have an abundance of renewable energy which, due to the lack of proper technologies, sadly goes to waste. Netherlands-based innovator Koen Olthuis, and his firm Waterstudio.NL, have come up with an innovative way of harvesting untapped wave power, in the form of a giant floating breakwater with towering columns similar to that of the…

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