Watch: Megabots unveils their giant robot Eagle Prime in a boisterous style

Back in 2015, a challenge was issued forth from the US-based robotics company, Megabots Inc. to its Japanese competitor, Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The scope entailed an exhilarating match-up between two giant robots for the first time in the world. And now, two years later, Megabots have followed up on their 'call to arms' with the…

This 13-Foot-Tall Mech-Suit Robot Could Help With Fukushima Cleanup-10

This futuristic, 13-foot-tall walking mech-suit robot could help with Fukushima cleanup

Vitaly Bulgarov, the man whose mind-boggling robot designs have been featured in a plethora of recent sci-fi movies, including Terminator Genisys, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Robocop, as well as World of Warcraft and Starcraft video games, is now working with Korea Future Technology to create an enormous mech-suit robot that could help with Fukushima…

Meet The Badass Cyborg Stingray That Is Powered By A Rat's Heart-4

Meet the badass cyborg stingray that is actually powered by a rat’s heart

Thanks to recent technological advancements, bio-inspired robotics is currently taking the world by storm. Last year, for instance, we talked about Pleurobot, an amazingly versatile robot that mimics the movements of a salamander. Around the same time, a team of South Korean scientists created an innovative robotic insect that behaves similar to actual water striders.…

Autonomous Robotic Surgery On Live Subject Is Now Feasible-2

Soft tissue surgery performed by autonomous robots found to be more efficient than conventional surgical techniques

Researchers at Washington DC-based Children's National Health System have made great strides in robotic surgery. For the first time ever, the team from Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation has successfully conducted autonomous robotic soft tissue surgery on a living subject in a standard open surgical setting. According to them, such an approach is…

Elastic Luminescent Display Could Usher In Mood-Sensitive Robots-1

Incredibly elastic luminescent display could pave the way for mood-sensitive robots

Scientists from Cornell University have designed an incredibly elastic electroluminescent display that could pave the way for innovative mood-sensitive robots. The versatile “skin”, according to the researchers, is capable of displaying patient’s pulse and temperature, while also reacting to his or her mood. The breakthrough, the team believes, could result in significant advances in the…

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