Face Hacking-6

Nobumichi Asai’s “Face Hacking” technology performs mind-boggling real-time projection mapping on human face

A techie graduate from Japan's Tohoku University, Nobumichi Asai is a notable expert of computer-generated imagery(CGI). Known for integrating science and technology with art, Asai has managed to capture the world's attention with his new and incredibly futuristic "Face Hacking" project. The mind-boggling innovation actually performs spectacular real-time face tracking using a bunch of highly specialized…


The Japanese Patin robot can account for multi-functionality, via its modules

In practical commercial terms, a robot is often designed for a specific task - with the biggest examples being those robotic vacuum cleaners like iRobot's Roomba. But what if a single robot design could cater to multiple scenarios inside a household? Well, the Patin concept machine (by Japanese company Flower Robotics) brings this multi-functional advantage…


LadyBird – An autonomous, solar powered ‘robotic farmer’?!

It is not often that sylvan agriculture and scientific robots are mentioned in the very same sentence. Well, some resourceful researchers at the University of Sydney have made a rare achievement that allows this literary antithesis - by virtue of the so-named LadyBird, a solar powered robotic mechanism that can aid in the process of growing…

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