World's First Autonomous Soft Robot Is Powered By Nothing But Gas-2

World’s first autonomous soft robot is powered by nothing but compressed gas

Scientists from Harvard University have designed the world's very first autonomous soft robot. Dubbed as the octobot, the innovative automaton integrates the latest advances in mechanical engineering, 3D printing and microfluidics. The breakthrough, the researchers believe, could usher in an entire generation of soft, untethered machines that are capable of moving on their own. Given…

Meet The Badass Cyborg Stingray That Is Powered By A Rat's Heart-4

Meet the badass cyborg stingray that is actually powered by a rat’s heart

Thanks to recent technological advancements, bio-inspired robotics is currently taking the world by storm. Last year, for instance, we talked about Pleurobot, an amazingly versatile robot that mimics the movements of a salamander. Around the same time, a team of South Korean scientists created an innovative robotic insect that behaves similar to actual water striders.…

Walking Robot Relies On Drone For Navigation Suppport03

This walking robot relies on a hexacopter to navigate rough, irregular terrain

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by automatons, be it cell phones, computers or even the humble wrist watch. Despite immense technological advances, in recent decades, scientists have not yet been able to develop walking robots that can independently traverse rough, irregular terrain, without faltering. To that end, the researchers from Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH…

Mechatronic Arm Exoskeleton (MAXFAS)-1

MAXFAS: An Aliens-inspired arm exoskeleton that improves soldier’s shooting accuracy

With recent advancements in technology, the distinction between science and science fiction is slowly, yet steadily, disappearing. As a child, mechanical engineer Dan Baechle fell in love with the 1986 sci-fi classic, Aliens. Inspired by the movie’s Caterpillar Power Loader, Baechle has created an incredibly innovative mechatronic arm exoskeleton, which he calls the MAXFAS. Designed…

Robear_RIKEN_Elderly People_1

The adorable yet advanced Robear designed to take care of elderly people

It is not so surprising to think about the advanced scope of robotic technology espoused by the Japanese. However, this time around, highfalutin stuff gives way to conscientiousness with the 'adorable' Robear - a nursing care robot developed by the collaborative effort of RIKEN and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited. Envisaged as an autonomous aiding mechanism…


Robo-AO system: World’s first robotic telescope targets ten-times faster than current devices

The incredible predicament pertaining to advanced telescopic systems around the world doesn't actually involve the astronomical distances of the numerous celestial objects. The problem is rather related to earth's very own atmospheric layer that obstructs the path of perception from many telescopes. There are some solutions like the AO (Adaptive Optics) technology that helps in…

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