Humans will soon replace robots on Mercedes-Benz's production line-2

Humans will soon replace robots on the production line of Mercedes-Benz

While companies across the world are increasingly turning toward robots to make the manufacturing process less labor-intensive and more efficient, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz seems to be going the opposite way. According to a recent announcement, the company is planning to replace some of the robots on the production line of its Sindelfingen plant with humans.…

Nadine, An Affable Humanod Robot With A Personality Of Her Own-3

NTU develops Nadine, an affable humanoid robot with a personality of her own

Meet Nadine, an affable humanoid robot with soft supple skin, beautiful brunette hair and a personality of her own. Created by scientists at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU), this highly-social robot can hold conversations with people, smiling and shaking their hands while doing so. The automaton, modeled after its developer Professor Nadia Thalmann, can be…


Is it time the robots joined the fray to contain Ebola in Africa?

A scientific community-sponsored teleconference to be held on November 7, may very well decide the future of robotics in handling crisis situations. The scientists and aid-workers from across the world will convene on the crucial technology as well as logistical issue - is it high time for the robots to be sent to West Africa,…

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