Roman Architecture


Red paint traces found during the restoration process of the Colosseum

Earlier, we had talked at length about the crowd-controlling aspects of the Roman Colosseum, with its peak capacity to easily manage over 50,000 wild spectators. And now, yet another enduring evidence suggests the advanced level of the crowd-controlling scope demonstrated by this great freestanding amphitheater. During the (ongoing) $33 million restoration project, experts have found…


8 things you probably didn’t know about the Colosseum

Unlike other ancient theaters, the oval-shaped, freestanding amphitheater was a Roman invention. And, as the jewel in the crown of such imposing Roman-made architectural specimens, the Colosseum holds its head high with the towering elliptical tiers that rise to 180 ft (55 m) from the heart of the city. From those very seats, the 'bloodthirsty'…

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