Roman engineering


8 unbelievably advanced ancient man-made structures that still astonish us

While it may seem that the scope of modern construction with its 'pillars' of concrete and glass has taken the progressive path, the vast ambit of ancient architecture had already traversed the advanced route by the sheer design prowess of some incredible buildings and structures (a few of which were even built more than 5,000…


8 things you probably didn’t know about the Colosseum

Unlike other ancient theaters, the oval-shaped, freestanding amphitheater was a Roman invention. And, as the jewel in the crown of such imposing Roman-made architectural specimens, the Colosseum holds its head high with the towering elliptical tiers that rise to 180 ft (55 m) from the heart of the city. From those very seats, the 'bloodthirsty'…

Cistern of Aetius_1

Cistern of Aetius: A Roman reservoir that is now turned into a football stadium!

Touted as the 'Sunken Garden' (Çukurbostan) during Ottoman times, and currently known as the Karagümrük stadyumu (or Karagümrük stadium), there is an expansive area in modern-day Istanbul that has a bit of exalted history to it. How so? Well, as it turns out, the football stadium is actually an extant specimen that aptly demonstrates the…

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