World’s oldest known wooden idol is 6,000 years older than Stonehenge!

Tall and slender – the Shigir Idol stands proudly with its height of 9.2 ft at the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, in Yekaterinburg, Russia. And historically, this impressive work of art is actually more than twice as old as the Great Pyramid (while being 6,000 years older than even Stonehenge), thus making it…

Russia Procures Sturdy Arctic ATV That Looks Like A Tank-1

Russia procures sturdy Arctic ATV that looks like a tank with space for 22 people

Meet Ruslan, a badass all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that is ideal for use in the bitter Arctic conditions. A video, recently released by the Russian Defense Ministry, shows this sturdy “tracked articulated vehicle” transporting soldiers across the rough, snowy terrain. A civilian version of TTM-4902 amphibious tracked vehicle, originally obtained for the Russian Ground Forces, the…

45,000-Year-Old Remains Of A Mammoth Could Alter Known Human History-1

The 45,000-year-old remains of a giant mammoth could alter known human history

The 45,000-year-old remains of a giant mammoth, discovered in a remote area in central Siberia, threatens to challenge our understanding of human history. Although remarkably well-preserved underneath a permafrost embankment near the Arctic Ocean, the carcass contained several signs of weapon-inflicted trauma, possibly caused by hunters. The discovery, according to the archaeologists, indicates that human…

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