Good Gadgets: 4 Technologies That Keep Your Family Safe

With developing technology, it is getting easier to protect your family and your home. There are dozens of gadgets available that can help you with security. Some systems are more expensive than others. Here are some of the options available to keep your family safe: (more…)


Asphalt imparted with salt can make roads ice-free during the winters

People who live in wintry suburbs are quite accustomed to the yearly ritual of spreading salt on the snowy roads. This pertains to a rather ineffective solution (yet a solution nonetheless) that counters the slippery conditions of the snow layers. But what if there was a solution literally built-in along the roads? Well a team…


Longboardstroller solves your ‘strolling’ woes with a bit of speed

Combine urban mobility and parental requirements, and you possibly get the solution of the 'Longboardstroller'. As one can make out from the above image, the Longboardstroller (from Quinny) is envisioned as a nifty transportation module that zips (or at least jaunts) through the busy city streets. And the good news is, while the contraption had…

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