Asphalt imparted with salt can make roads ice-free during the winters

People who live in wintry suburbs are quite accustomed to the yearly ritual of spreading salt on the snowy roads. This pertains to a rather ineffective solution (yet a solution nonetheless) that counters the slippery conditions of the snow layers. But what if there was a solution literally built-in along the roads? Well a team…

SALt Lamp-1

Local engineer brings innovative seawater-powered lamps to Philippines’ poor

Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia, is home to around 100 million people, spread over its 7,000-odd islands. With more than 27.9-percent of the populace living below the poverty line, many rural communities, in this tropical paradise, have no access to electricity whatsoever. Instead, they rely on candles and kerosene or battery powered lamps as…

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