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Stunning Artwork Depicts Epic Battle Scenes Of Stromtroopers VS. Aleins-4

Stunning artwork depicts epic battle scenes of Stormtroopers vs. Aliens

Spanish artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi's latest collection is somewhat along the same line as Batman V Superman, although at much grander scale (some might say). Instead of pitting superheroes against each other, the artwork showcases two of the biggest names in the science fiction universe, Darth Vader and Alien Queen, engaged in an epic battle.…


10 upcoming technologies that mirror the realm of science fiction

Previously, we harped about 6 of the most advanced weapon systems being tested by the United States military. But this time around we have decided to up the ante to also cover some equally fascinating developments in varied technological fields. So, without further ado, let us check out ten such upcoming advanced technologies that pretty…

Mechatronic Arm Exoskeleton (MAXFAS)-1

MAXFAS: An Aliens-inspired arm exoskeleton that improves soldier’s shooting accuracy

With recent advancements in technology, the distinction between science and science fiction is slowly, yet steadily, disappearing. As a child, mechanical engineer Dan Baechle fell in love with the 1986 sci-fi classic, Aliens. Inspired by the movie’s Caterpillar Power Loader, Baechle has created an incredibly innovative mechatronic arm exoskeleton, which he calls the MAXFAS. Designed…

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