This stunning plywood sculpture mimics the movements of six dancers!-3

FLOW: A stunning plywood desk that mimics the movements of six dancers!

Don’t we often marvel at the graceful fluidity and flexibility of a dancer? Manchester-born Liam Hopkins has gone a step further in his appreciation of the art form and the artists. Using his skill as a designer, Hopkins has successfully reproduced the infinitely-intricate movements and postures of dancers with the help of 300 pieces of…

Lucent A Stunning Sculpture Made Up Over 3,000 Glass Orbs-6

Artist creates stunning sculpture, called Lucent, using 3,115 hand-blown glass spheres

Adorning the lobby of John Hancock Center, in Michigan Ave, Chicago, is Lucent, a brilliantly-dazzling installation that resembles a giant dandelion made up of thousands of small glass florets. Designed by artist Wolf Buttress, the globe-shaped artwork is suspended above a darkened mirror that reflects its radiance, thus creating an almost-ethereal glow. (more…)

Gerry Judah’s latest sculpture sits in front of the Porsche museum in Stuttgart

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS), last year, Gerry Judah charmed the world with his spectacular Gateway Arch-shaped sculpture, featuring a pair of zooming automobiles on its grand curve. This time around, the India-born artist has crafted an equally stunning, and somewhat confounding, sculptural-cum-architectural marvel, which now adorns the space in front of the…

Watch The Ferrofluid Dance Around Inside This Interactive Sculpture-2

Watch the ferrofluid dance around inside this innovative touch-activated sculpture

In 1963, Steve Papell, a scientist at NASA, invented ferrofluid, a special type of liquid that gets strongly magnetized under the influence of a magnetic field. Although originally developed as a liquid rocket fuel, this fascinating material boasts a wide variety of applications, in mechanical engineering, materials science and even medicine. In recent years, it…


Artist Gabriel Dishaw repurposes e-waste into adorable Optimus Prime sculpture, called Upcycled Prime

Every year, nearly 50 million tons, of e-waste, are generated across the world, of which only around 12.5-percent is actually recycled and used again. Apart from the obvious environmental issues, the rapidly-growing volume of global electronic waste has been proven to cause severe health problems, such as respiratory ailments, neurological disorders and even lead poisoning.…

R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi

R2D2 takes up its badass avatar – courtesy of Katuhisa Yamaguchi

What if you could take the 'side' out of 'sidekick' and replace it with 'butt'? Well, that is exactly what sculptor (and presumably Star Wars enthusiast) Katuhisa Yamaguchi has literally brought to the table, with his boisterous rendition of R2D2. Instead of merely acting as the adorable sidekick with some nifty tricks up its...processor, the…

Expansion_Sculpture_Paige Bradley_sale

The cracked ‘Expansion’ sculpture makes its commercial debut with limited edition

Back in 2011, many a blog from the vast internet realm were impressed by the magnificence of the 'Expansion' sculpture - a wondrous creation from artist Paige Bradley. The sculpture was originally conceived when the artist intentionally dropped her wax statuette (crafted as a woman in lotus position) - which was painstakingly created over a…


Hungarian artist designs giant polystyrene man, named Feltépve, erupting from the depths of the underworld!

In the past, we have come across some really unusual, albeit equally inventive, artwork, like the somewhat-outlandish three-wheeler dinosaur bike or the colossal underwater sculpture of a Bahamian girl, called Ocean Atlas. But when it comes to the bizarre, the following piece easily takes the cake. Going by the name of Feltépve (meaning "ripped up" or…

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