Second World War

World War II-1

Video of five of the most bizarre photos of World War II

An event that changed the entire face of world history and politics; brought several nations to the brink of economic collapse and took the lives of more than 50 million people, that is the Second World War. While a lot has been said, and studied, through the years since 1945, there are still countless other…


Animated short showcases the profound loss of life during World War II

Previously, we had talked about some of the strangest weapons and biggest guns used during WWII. But the real 'quotient' of destruction brought on by the war really hits us when analysed from the perspective of human casualties. And, that is exactly what an animated data visualization by Neil Halloran, with his aptly named 'The…

Alan Turing’s hand scribbled notebook is apparently worth $1.025 million

A few months ago, the movie 'The Imitation Game' was released with some good reviews and some bad historical references. But mathematician extraordinaire and computer science pioneer Alan Turing's legacy still holds its head high, as is evident from a recently concluded Bonhams auction in New York. A handwritten manuscript of Turing with scribbled notes…


10 of the strangest weapons from Second World War

In our previous tryst with Second World War, we discussed about some of the biggest cannons used during the time. Well, this time around, we go from size to abnormality - with the military powers back then trying out their luck and dabbling with the strange (yet still vicious) kinds of weapon tech that may…


Incredible images from 1944 show Hitler in his potential disguises!

The ultimately objective of the famous D-Day invasion of 6 June, 1944 was not only to overwhelm Nazi Germany, but it also pertained to the capturing of 'Der Fuehrer'. And as an ingenious tactical means to achieve that ambitious objective, the Office of Strategic Services hatched a simple plan on the very next day of…

Schwerer Gustav_1

The 8 biggest guns of destruction used during Second World War

20th century easily stands out as one of mankind's most destructive epoch, with two World Wars and several intermittent conflicts encompassing regions around the globe. And such mass-scale destruction was paradoxically brought on by the flourish in technology. Arguably, nothing quite epitomizes this 'dark side' of technological progression than war inspired man-made specimens like arms,…

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