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Mercedes-Benz's Self-Driving Future Bus Covers Its First 20 KM-2

The innovative self-driving Future Bus by Mercedes-Benz covers its first 20 km

Remember Olli, IBM's self-driving minibus that can be 3D-printed in special "micro factories" within a couple of hours? Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled a bigger and more impressive version of the Olli, in the form of the incredibly innovative Future Bus. Envisioned as the future of public transport, the semi-autonomous vehicle boasts a range of attractive features,…

Meet Olli, A Self-Driving Minibus That Can Be 3D-Printed In Hours-3

Meet Olli, an amazing self-driving minibus that can be 3D-printed in hours!

Meet Olli, an innovative self-driving minibus that can be 3D-printed in a matter of hours. Developed by Arizona-based Local Motors, in collaboration with IBM, the on-demand transport solution works much like Uber, and can summoned using a smartphone app. According to the company, the 12-seater vehicle can be printed in special "micro factories" in only…

Want A Self-Driving Car How About This Ingenious Mind-Controlled One

Waiting to buy a self-driving car? How about this ingenious mind-controlled one?

While self-driving car is still a few steps away from being commercially available, a team of Chinese scientists has come up with an equally innovative technology that could allow you to operate your vehicle with nothing but brain power. Developed after two years of intensive research, the country’s first mind-controlled car comes with a special sensor-fitted…

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