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New Tesla Software Update Enables Self-Parking By Cars-1

New Tesla software update enables self-parking in Model S and Model X cars

Customers of Tesla Motors can now park their cars remotely, thanks to a software update recently released to the general public. The update, which is part of the company’s efforts to make its cars more autonomous, allows the driver to park his or her vehicle without actually being present inside it. (more…)

Ford Scientists Use Video Games To Teach Autonomous Cars How To Drive-1

Ford scientists use video games to teach autonomous cars how to drive

At California-based Ford Research and Innovation Center, scientists are turning to video games to improve the company’s autonomous vehicle software. In the Palo Alto center, you will find researchers intently studying a large TV screen, showcasing a robotic humanoid racing a a four-wheel car. Running much faster than a real human, the humanoid-like figure abruptly…


ROBORACE to showcase driverless electric cars in a championship competition

The brouhaha created by the emerging technologies of self-driving cars is here to stay, as is evident from some commercial developments. And given the state of hype, the autonomous driving scope is all set make its debut in the competitive ambit - courtesy of the aptly named ROBORACE. A collaborative effort from electric racing series…

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