340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly 'pleasant' smell-8

340-year-old cheese found under the ocean has a surprisingly ‘pleasant’ smell

Little over a month after archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old lump of butter in the Irish peat bog, a team of divers has stumbled upon what seems to be 340-year-old cheese, while surveying a 17th-century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Interestingly, the leader of the expedition Lars Einarsson described the centuries-old diary product as having quite a "pleasant"…


Archaeologists discover 22 surprising shipwrecks near a Greek archipelago

A few days ago, the Greek ministry of culture denoted a 3,500-year old warrior grave as the 'most important to have been discovered in 65 years in continental Greece.' But now it seems, another incredible discovery has triumphed it at least in terms of sheer scale. To that end, a joint Greek-American archaeological expedition (with…

Shipwrecked treasure worth more than $150M located off the Finland coast

2015 has surely been a good year for finding treasures - be it the Fatimid gold coins or the silver decadrachms from Alexander's era. However, this time around, archaeologists may have very well come across the 'mother lode' in terms of sheer value - with researchers pinpointing the location of a shipwreck of a 15th…

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