Gold Coin Treasure_2000 Coins_ Israel Coast

Treasure trove with over 2,000 gold coins discovered off the Israel coast

At its zenith during the 11th century, the Fatimid Caliphate with its later royal capital based in Cairo (al-Qāhira), spanned most of North Africa (also known as Maghreb), the sea-bordering Hijaz (west of the Red Sea), Levant (by Asiatic Mediterranean) and even Sicily. The Shia faith-fueled empire was mostly known for its cultural achievements, religious tolerance…


Historians may have discovered the oldest shipwreck in Mediterranean Sea

A few days ago, we talked about how scientists have embarked on an expedition to find one of Europe's oldest inhabited places. Well, this time around, another group of international researchers have stumbled across a 2,700-year old Phoenician ship and its cargo, off the island nation of Malta. This fascinating find might very well account…

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