Heatherwick Studio_Learning Hub_Singapore

Heatherwick Studio’s Learning Hub exhibits ‘hive towers’ with open circulation

Organic yet modernistic - the new Learning Hub for the Nanjang Technological University designed by Thomas Heatherwick's studio (and fabricated by CPG consultants), makes its ceremonious debut after more than two years in construction phase. Envisaged as an incredible architectural component of the Singaporean university's campus redevelopment plan, the Learning Hub is all about catering…


Scientists develop new Li-ion batteries that charge 20-times faster!

Is this the future of the next generation Li-ion battery technology? Well, a group of Singaporean researchers at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) certainly believe, and we daresay - they have enough reason to do so. The technology in question entails a new improved Li-ion battery that can charge itself to 70 percent capacity in…

The Interlace_Ole Scheeren_1

The Interlace: An amazing apartment complex with ‘meandering’ verticality

The abstract flow of verticality - this in a nutshell defines the aptly christened 'The Interlace', a fascinating apartment complex designed by Ole Scheeren in the island nation of Singapore. The entire residential compound is arranged in an interspersing manner with the organized display of solid volumes and voids. The layout however goes beyond the…

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