Archaeologists come across a ‘jovial’ skeleton mosaic in Turkey

People did have sense of humor (with a dash of hedonism) in the 3rd century BC, or around 2,300 years ago. At least that is what is evident from an incredible ancient mosaic recently discovered in Hatay, a Turkish province that just borders Syria from the north. Th artwork in question features a seemingly 'cheerful'…

Face Hacking-6

Nobumichi Asai’s “Face Hacking” technology performs mind-boggling real-time projection mapping on human face

A techie graduate from Japan's Tohoku University, Nobumichi Asai is a notable expert of computer-generated imagery(CGI). Known for integrating science and technology with art, Asai has managed to capture the world's attention with his new and incredibly futuristic "Face Hacking" project. The mind-boggling innovation actually performs spectacular real-time face tracking using a bunch of highly specialized…

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