Dubai to equip firefighters with specially-designed Jetpacks

Dubai, they say, is a Mecca for tourists and shoppers from across the globe. Over the years, this desert city has been transformed into a luxury destination, replete with stunning hotels, malls and some of the finest restaurants in the entire world. The most populous city in all of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is…

MAD Architects develops plan for vertical greenery-covered housing complex for Los Angeles

For the ongoing “Shelter: Rethinking How We Live in Los Angeles” exhibition, at the A+D Museum, China-based firm, MAD Architects, has developed an innovative high-density housing scheme, known as Cloud Corridor. Featuring nine greenery-covered skyscrapers, connected by means of sky bridges, the plan is based on the firm’s famous “Shan-Shui City” building concept. (more…)