Graham McGeorge's Photography-1

Graham McGeorge takes breathtaking photos of eastern screech owls, perfectly camouflaged within trees

Eastern screech owls are one of nature's most glorious creations. Known for being masters of disguise, these nocturnal beings are commonly found in the woodlands and forests, along the eastern stretch of North America. Their uniquely patterned, gray plumage actually acts as a camouflage against larger predators. Born in Scotland, nature photographer Graham McGeorge is…

Atolla wyvillei Jellyfish

The 10 most majestic specimens of bioluminescent organisms

In the mysterious depths of the sea as on land there lurk certain creatures whose beauty will leave you spellbound. The physical manifestation of this beauty is in the form of brilliantly gleaming lights that can illuminate entire sea beds and water surface. This phenomenon is called Bioluminescence, an intriguing biochemical process that causes living…

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