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Researchers concoct living cyanobacteria-based wallpaper bio-solar panels

Biologically, cyanobacteria are the only photosynthetic prokaryotes (unicellular organisms without nucleus and mitochondria) that have the ability to produce oxygen. And interestingly enough, these photosynthetic micro-organisms have been existing on Earth for billions of years, and are considered as one of the driving forces behind the oxygen-rich environment of our planet. And now, scientists are…


Panasonic’s newest solar panel tech touts record efficiency of 22.5%

Last week, we reported how a new study estimated that around a quarter of our world's net energy will come from renewable sources by 2020. And among these renewable energy sources, solar power is expected to still remain the king, especially with the trend of cheaper pricing (utility-scale systems in China and India are predicted…

Deloitte_The_Ddge_Amsterdam HQ

Deloitte’s new Amsterdam HQ is crowned as the world’s “greenest” office

Boasting of a whopping 40,000 sq m (430,000 sq ft) of area, Deloitte's new headquarters at Amsterdam, designed by PLP Architecture, is not just about gargantuan coverage. The imposing building christened as 'The Edge' has been heralded as the most sustainable office building on the face of our planet, with BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment…

Organic Coating_Solar Cell_1

Researchers develop special organic coating that can drastically improve efficiency of silicon solar cells

The arena of Photovoltaics is currently being bombarded with numerous, and indeed ambitious, research activities, all of which strive to enhance the efficiency of available technologies. Previously, we talked about perovskite solar cells, whose low manufacturing cost and high power conversion efficiency can easily rival that of the commercially available varieties. This time around, a…

SLIVER_solar panel_backpacks_2

SLIVER solar panel-fitted backpacks might soon replace the heavy batteries soldiers carry!

The new wearable SLIVER solar panels, designed to replace the heavy batteries that soldiers usually carry with lighter, rechargeable ones, has finally received a thumbs up for commercial release, after successful field tests conducted by the Australian National University(ANU). The technology is in the form of a military backpack fitted with specially-engineered, minute solar cells,…

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