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Company Designs Energy-Harvesting Pavement From Recycled Plastic-1

Hungarian company designs energy-harvesting, modular pavement from recycled plastic

Companies around the world are invested in developing versatile pavements that are sturdy enough to walk on, while also being able to produce clean, usable energy. The French government, for instance, is planning to build around 1,000 kilometers of solar panel-fitted road within the next five years. The concept behind Hungary-based startup Platio's energy-harvesting pavements…


Welcome to Egypt’s first solar-powered village located in the middle of the desert

Welcome to the first solar-powered village in all of Egypt. Situated in the middle of the desert, around the Bahariya Oasis, the newly-erected Tabeyat Workers Village is currently home to around 350 people. Designed by KarmBuild, this unique, solar-powered area makes use of locally-sourced, natural materials, as a way of reducing environmental footprint. (more…)

Scientists In Abu Dhabi Are Using Sand To Store Solar Energy-4

Scientists in Abu Dhabi are using sand to store solar energy

A team of researchers in Abu Dhabi has developed an innovative new technology that uses sand to store solar energy. Known as Sandstock, the project aims to reduce costs associated with the conversion of solar power into usable electricity. Using locally-sourced sand to store sun's energy, according to the scientists, is not only cheaper, but also…

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