solar power

The solar-powered Floatwing self-generates all of its energy needs for a week

When it comes to floating houses, we have witnessed quite a few innovative conceptions ranging from groovy pizzerias to submerged villas. However, this time around, sustainable technology is brought into the 'romanticized' mix of living on the sea - with the so-named Floatwing. Envisaged as a floating getaway for couples, the self sufficient habitat was…


Panasonic’s newest solar panel tech touts record efficiency of 22.5%

Last week, we reported how a new study estimated that around a quarter of our world's net energy will come from renewable sources by 2020. And among these renewable energy sources, solar power is expected to still remain the king, especially with the trend of cheaper pricing (utility-scale systems in China and India are predicted…


Stella Lux: A solar-powered car that produces more energy than it expends!

While the incredible Solar Impulse 2 aircraft is proudly making the new rounds all over the world with its plethora of records, its land-based vehicular cousins are still seemingly relegated to just design competitions. This obviously has to do with the mass density of an automobile, which is usually greater than that of a flying…

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