Sony's Smart Contact Lenses Could Record, Play And Store Videos-3

Sony’s smart contact lenses could record, play and store videos with the blink of an eye!

While Google and Samsung have already filed patents for high-tech contact lenses with built-in cameras,  Sony isn't too far behind, with its newly-conceived smart contact lenses that use specially-designed cameras to record, play as well as store videos before the wearer's eyes. The Japanese multinational company has recently submitted a patent application for the invention.…


Sony’s Android-powered 4K TV is thinner than an iPhone 6!

The CES 2015 has started with its usual fanfare, and the ceremonial approach was given a perfect boost by Sony, as expected. However, what wasn't expected from the Japanese giant pertained to its unveiling of the world's thinnest 4K television, in the form of the Bravia X900C series. Well, now the question naturally arises -…

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