Stanford University

New plastic-based smart fabric is designed to keep us cool even in hot climates-1

New plastic-based smart fabric is designed to keep us cool even in hot climates

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a new type of textile that reportedly cools your body, thus reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. Recently published in the Science journal, the research could pave the way for a new family of smart fabrics that can handle body heat more efficiently than currently-available natural and synthetic…

This Small Device Uses Sunlight To Disinfect Water Within Minutes-2

This small rectangular device uses sunlight to disinfect water within minutes

In a world where as many as 1.2 billion people live without proper access to clean water, scientists are striving to develop new technologies of water purification that are not only efficient but also inexpensive. Researchers at Stanford University, for instance, have come up with an innovative device that can disinfect water in a matter of…


Software technology swaps facial expressions from one person to another

Those who have had their fair share of watching actions flicks in the 90's, would surely remember Face/Off - the one where John Travolta and Nick Cage get their faces switched, leading to adrenaline-pumping mayhem. In the movie, this 'face swapping' scope was derived from some kind of plastic surgery wizardry. However, this time around,…


Stanford scientists devise stretchable color-changing e-skin, inspired by the chameleon

Previously, we have talked about color-changing materials inspired by organic forms like squid and cuttlefish. Well, this time around, the scientists are inspired by the 'king of camouflage' - the chameleon. Researchers at the Stanford University have devised a new stretchable electronic skin (e-skin) that can automatically change its color depending on the varying degrees…

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