Star Wars-inspired

R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi

R2D2 takes up its badass avatar – courtesy of Katuhisa Yamaguchi

What if you could take the 'side' out of 'sidekick' and replace it with 'butt'? Well, that is exactly what sculptor (and presumably Star Wars enthusiast) Katuhisa Yamaguchi has literally brought to the table, with his boisterous rendition of R2D2. Instead of merely acting as the adorable sidekick with some nifty tricks up its...processor, the…


Behold the Millennium Falcon guitar customized from an actual toy!

We have harped about many a Millennium Falcon models and even furnishings. But what about transforming your ole Millennium Falcon toy into a fully fledged working guitar? Well, that is exactly what UK-based Doni Latchford ingeniously brings to the table with the 'musical' refurbishment of the Star Wars toys that were released between 1979 to…

13-ft High Star Wars LEGO Death Star_2

The gargantuan 13-ft high LEGO Death Star set to be unveiled at Legoland

From Star Trek's Starship Enterprise, we move on the other sci-fi/pop cultural realm of Star Wars. And this time around, size does matter - as is evident from the behemoth 13-ft high LEGO Death Star under construction at the Legoland. Suffice it to say, this was no mere DIY endeavor - rather, professional LEGO builders have gone…

X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker

Man creates the groovy combo of X-Wing Starfighter and a Ride-On Rocker

With the imminent release of the 7th Star Wars installment in this year's horizon, why should adults (read reminiscing fanboys) have all the fun? Well, Steve of New Zealand-based Steves Wooden Toys also believes in such an inclusive scope - as is evident from the expert designer's envisioning of an X-Wing Starfighter in all its…

Ivor Fett_Hyundai_Veloster_Boba_fett_1

Ivor Fett: A Hyundai Veloster draped in the classic Boba Fett colors

The recognizable green and maroon tint with the 'dilapidated' gray tint once again makes its presence felt; not from the newly released Star Wars teaser, but from Rebekah Stieg Knuth's ingeniously conceived graphical design. Working as a part of Knuthart Studios, the artist has managed to endow the one-and-only Boba Fett color scheme to a…

Moon Hoon_Star Wars House_1

The force is certainly strong with Moon Hoon studio’s “Star Wars House”

Previously, the Star Wars-inspired Sandcrawler HQ bamboozled us with its sheer imposing scale. But this time around, the huge scale makes way for utter whimsicality with the Moon Hoon studio's "Star Wars House". The South Korean architectural firm is known for its wacky creations, and in this scenario the designers have used their eccentric expertise…

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