Star Wars

Adorable animals need you! Star Wars cosplayers make a ‘forceful’ case

The Star Wars day was made even more special by members of the 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison, a dedicated Canadian costuming group who are known for their volunteering in local charity events. And this time around, the 'Stormtroopers' have shed their harsh reputation in favor of genuine affability - with their adorable one-on-one pictures…

R2D2_Kicks_Butt-Katuhisa Yamaguchi

R2D2 takes up its badass avatar – courtesy of Katuhisa Yamaguchi

What if you could take the 'side' out of 'sidekick' and replace it with 'butt'? Well, that is exactly what sculptor (and presumably Star Wars enthusiast) Katuhisa Yamaguchi has literally brought to the table, with his boisterous rendition of R2D2. Instead of merely acting as the adorable sidekick with some nifty tricks up its...processor, the…


Behold the Millennium Falcon guitar customized from an actual toy!

We have harped about many a Millennium Falcon models and even furnishings. But what about transforming your ole Millennium Falcon toy into a fully fledged working guitar? Well, that is exactly what UK-based Doni Latchford ingeniously brings to the table with the 'musical' refurbishment of the Star Wars toys that were released between 1979 to…

X-Wing Starfighter_Ride-On Rocker

Man creates the groovy combo of X-Wing Starfighter and a Ride-On Rocker

With the imminent release of the 7th Star Wars installment in this year's horizon, why should adults (read reminiscing fanboys) have all the fun? Well, Steve of New Zealand-based Steves Wooden Toys also believes in such an inclusive scope - as is evident from the expert designer's envisioning of an X-Wing Starfighter in all its…

Super Flemish_Superheroes

Super Flemish: The 16th century answer to superheroes and Star Wars!

There must have been superheroes and space-traveling entities way back during the Renaissance times of Europe. And, what's more, it was also the period when high fashions and artistic statements were blossoming all around the continent. Well, present-day photographer Sacha Goldberger have taken all of these ebullient factors into consideration, and as a result have…

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