Scientists from Cornell University develop the world’s first self-assembling superconductor

Scientists from Cornell University have developed an entirely new superconducting material that is capable of self-assembly. Unlike the magnets present inside an MRI machine, which are usually quite hard and rigid, the new substance is remarkably soft, almost like a plastic bottle. According to the researchers, it can arrange itself into a three-dimensional, gyroidal structure…

Graphene, Laced With Lithium, Is An Excellent Superconductor-1

New study shows that graphene, laced with lithium, is an excellent superconductor

The term “wonder material” seems fitting when describing graphene, a one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon that boasts an array of truly impressive properties. Known for its remarkable strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, it could revolutionize the future of electronics, medicine and energy development. Despite its many enticing features, it has been, until now, incapable of behaving…

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