4 advanced hydroponic solutions you should know about

The core technology of modern-day hydroponics relates to the nourishment of plants without the requirement of soil. In essence, it refers to a space-saving solution that makes use of mineral nutrient solutions in water, as opposed to 'wasteful' land and farms. And while this technological ambit may seem to be out of the bounds of…

Building Skyscrapers Inside Rotted Giant Sequoias To Keep Them Upright-1

Building skyscrapers inside rotting giant sequoias to keep them from toppling over

Fast-dwindling giant sequoia population has four South Korean designers turning to an incredibly creative solution: building skyscrapers inside hollowed-out trunks to keep rotting trees from toppling over. Aptly named Tribute: The Monument of Giant, the project is intended to educate people about this wondrous, now-endangered species, which is commonly believed to be the largest living…

Liberland Envisioned As World's First Algae-Powered Micronation-3

Architects envisions Liberland as the world’s first algae-powered micronation

With the world increasingly turning to renewable energy, the brilliant minds at RAW-NYC Architects are working towards a future, where an entire city will be powered sustainably with the help of algae. The proposal, which recently won an international design competition, envisions Liberland as the world's first sovereign nation to run entirely on algae-derived energy.…

Sustainably-Powered Ecocapsule Micro Dwelling Now Up For Sale-1

Ecocapsule, a sustainably-powered mobile micro dwelling, now available for purchase

This June, we brought to you an innovative mobile micro-shelter concept, called Ecocapsule, which gives you the freedom to live off grid, without having to compromise any of the comforts. Designed by Bratislava-based Nice Architects, this ingenious renewable energy-powered dwelling has finally hit the market, and is currently available for pre-order, under a limited-edition series…

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