This Low-Rise Dwelling Can Withstand Up To 1,500 Pounds Of Snow-1

This stunning wooden dwelling can withstand up to 1,500 pounds of snow per square meter of its area

Architects at Russia-based Skydome have created a series of stunning low-rise dwellings that, despite their somewhat simple and minimalist design, are incredibly strong and robust. Built chiefly from eco-friendly materials, these two-story wooden hemispheres can withstand the harsh elements, typical of the country. The dome-shaped structures, featuring spectacular modern interiors with expansive open floor plan,…

New Plan Proposes World's Largest Green Roof In Cupertino-5

Cupertino shopping mall to be remodeled to house the world’s largest green roof

Sand Hill Property Company, the owner of the Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino, California, has recently unveiled plans to transform the 50-acre (around 20-hectare) site into a spectacular mixed-use complex, featuring the world’s largest green roof. The $3 billion development project, currently being called the “Hills at Vallco”, proposes the construction of a bustling grid-style…


Scientists to develop the world’s first drone-controlled unmanned ship called MARS

Let us introduce you to the world’s first fully-functional autonomous unmanned ship, driven entirely by an army of highly-specialized drones. Designed by scientists at UK-based Plymouth University, in collaboration with underwater vehicle manufacturer MSubs, the Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) is a pioneering exemplar of technological advancement and innovation. Once developed, this sustainably-powered vessel will…

Planning Korea's L’air Nouveau de Paris-1

Planning Korea’s L’air Nouveau de Paris envisions a sustainable Paris with futuristic egg-shaped towers

Taking cue from Vincent Callebaut's mind-boggling "Smart City" design, Planning Korea, a Seoul-based architectural firm, has undertaken the task of transforming Paris into a breathtakingly modern and sustainable city of the future. The plan, known as L’air Nouveau de Paris (meaning "New Paris air"), proposes the installation of gigantic egg-shaped metallic structures, over a total area of 41,882-sq-ft (approx.…

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